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Final beta release for Mu Legend 7. November

A torrential slide of news takes after the declaration of the OBT discharge date, including another site, a pending anxiety test, an early download and four new authority Facebook pages for the amusement. Seoul, Korea – September

Mu Legend Characters

Dark Lord Once valiant knights who were both dreaded and regarded on the war zone, in a snapshot of distress, they relinquished their human side to a dull compel in return for awesome power. Their relinquish modified

Mu Legend blog writers

Mu Legend is betas are coming to end, and official server is starting soon! At-least that is what mu legend Facebook page says… We are looking for mu legend pros/fans who are interested to make some extra

Mu Online 2 Mulegend wings

Wings in Mulegend mu online 2 are 4 tears, default wings, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3! Tier 0 wings has: Psychical defense, Magical defense, Evasion rate, Psychical attack, Magic attack, Combat power Tier 1 wings has

Mu Online 2: MuLegend Guides Quests PVP strategies

Mu Online 2|| MuLegend Guides Quests PVP strategies Mu Online 2 is new 3D mmorpg game similar to Diablo 3, just with higher online players… MuLegend Classes Dark Lord: Is made to be as ranged tank character.