Mu Legend Characters

Dark Lord

Once valiant knights who were both dreaded and regarded on the war zone, in a snapshot of distress, they relinquished their human side to a dull compel in return for awesome power. Their relinquish modified their appearance outwardly, and their humankind within. Presently, they are able to do just frosty thinking. They have abandoned carrying on with an ordinary life and never again participate in the methods for people. They use their extraordinary energy to rule their adversaries, yet the accomplishments of fight are insufficient to fulfill them. As they carelessly meander war zones, searching for reason, they have come to be known as “Dark Lords” by those that look at them.


Saddling the vitality of nature, with an aptitude in stealth, the pilgrims of the Whispering Forest have procured a specific arrangement of unique abilities that make them notorious on the combat zone. Sufficiently competent working alone, they are proficient at taking care of exploring missions as they discreetly mix into nature and also quietly kill targets. Agile in development however destructive in execution, their capacities are very looked for after. They assault with extended weapons, for example, bows, and use the vitality of nature and the components to dispatch their enemies. Because of their quickness in fight and one of a kind throwing capacities, they earned the title of “Whisperer”.


Born from an experiment to find a way to protect their creators, Bladers are brutal warriors nourished by rage and their will to fight as the representatives of the lower class. The rebellion of the commoners was crushed during the Great War, leaving no other solution but to create a perfect warrior in order to fight the oppressors. The Kanturians, with the help of the humans, decided to experiment with the effects of rage on a warrior in an effort to make him stronger than ever. The result was a warrior with unstoppable power and an unending lust for battle.

War Mage

Banished from society, War Mages are certain and trust themselves to be better than customary mages. They were expelled from society after their enchanted capacities turned out to be too capable and were viewed as unsafe. In the wake of being pariah, they battled as hired soldiers as they endeavored to control their exceptional power. When they did, they started to build up their own spells – ones much more effective than those of any normal mage. They move around combat zones throwing pulverizing natural spells, all with a demeanor of certainty and predominance.


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