Mu Online 2: MuLegend Guides Quests PVP strategies

Mu Online 2|| MuLegend Guides Quests PVP strategies

Mu Online 2 is new 3D mmorpg game similar to Diablo 3, just with higher online players…

MuLegend Classes
Dark Lord: Is made to be as ranged tank character.
Blader: Is a melee type attack charcater. You can choose 1 handed sword +shield, 2x 2 handed swords,
or high damage 2handed sword.
War mage: Energy/Magic type character with high range.
Whisperer: Characetr wear bow or gun to attack ranged characters.
Emphasizer: Info not available

Characters are build with levels and soul levels, where you can upgrade your skills with soul points.

As in mu online 1, mulegend (mu2) wings are the biggest combat power booster.
Rifts or Dungeons are the best place to grind for items, each rifts consists on few levels,
and the boss on the end.

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