Patch notes 18.September

Webzen have realeased new patch for MULEGEND

Season 3 has begun.
Mission Season: It will have the same structure, but the conditions have changed.
Difficulty, numbers of missions and rewards have been increased in some missions according to the duration of the season.

Faction War Season Rewards:

-1st place: 5 million Magic Gems > 10 million Magic Gems
-2nd place: 3 million Magic Gems > 5 million Magic Gems
-3rd place: 1 million Magic Gems > 3 million Magic Gems

Season missions can be restarted once they are fully completed.

-Chip NPC has been removed from Ohrdor.
-Legend of Dice has been removed from Ohrdor.
-Removed the ability to use the spacebar during normal enhancement with Safeguard.
-Bug fixed: In the gemcutter and craftsman UI, the denominator disappeared when the number of items needed exceeded 1,000.
-Bug fixed: The skin color looked different when a Kanturu Blader or an Ashas War Mage respawned at a resurrection point or town wearing armor.
-Bug fixed: Airborne status of the Blader’s “Gravity Deflection” skill wasn’t affected by CC Time Reduction.
-Bug fixed: The repurchased item wasn’t appearing after reboot.

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