MuLegend Season 17 X999999 22.APRIL

New server X9999 MAX STYLE Opening 22.APRIL

Exp: X99999, Master: x999999, Majestic: x99999
Reset in game: /reset FREE, Stats stays, Free Wcoins 20
All characters start as 4th Class! No Quests needed!
NPC: All Skills, 3lvl Wings(Potion Girl), Jewels!
10Sec RUUD Mobs Spawn Lorenica Track
Hunt Elites to get  Wcoins. Every Hour! 24/7 PVP SERVER

Grand Reset: 5000 Wcoins

Share Event: Share THIS post on your timeline and TAG 3 friends who play Mu Online, after that send PM your account name to claim 1000 Wcoins! If the post will be visible on timeline, player will receive a reward! Added after opening!

No pvp maps: Arena, Dungeon, Tarkan, Aida, Karutan1, Old Kethotot, All Deep Dungeons

Everyday Ice Wind Event, 10'000 Wcoins +100000RUUD Reward For Leader, 2000Wc +20000 RUUD for members!

Free lucky set, Level (items will be automatically +15) and Brown panda pet with panda ring: type in game: /startergift
Chaos machine item level up: for all items 0 till +15 and  level up success rate 100%
Chaos machine item level up: for pentagrams/errtels 0 till +7 and  level up success rate 100%, +8=90% +9=80% +10=75%
Each Class has its own NPC with all skills (ruud skills included) with weapons and shields

Hunt elites to get  Wcoins. Every Hour
Hunt TOP bosses to get Manticore and Brilliant items.

HDID limit: 5 accounts can be played from one PC at a time.

Useful commands
Chat: /post (Only show sub server you are) /gpost (Shows on all servers)
Make your character with best build, decrease stats for free: /decstr, /decagi, /decvit, /decene, /deccmd
OffLevel: /offlevel (12Hours time limit, DC if killed ingame)

Donate Transfers From X50: If Player had any donation on X50 server, he can use 100% of the PlayPoints on X99999 server!





Published by Admin 16/04/2022