MuLegend Season 17 X1000 10.June is a new Mu Online project based on the Season 17Part1 server files. Exp: X1000 Fun GameStyle!

Opening Times, 10.June! 18.00 Server time GMT+1 or Check the countdown on the website, for other regions
Share Event, Share this FB picture on your timeline, TAG 3 friends who play MuOnline, follow our FB page and send us your Ingame Login Name, to get 2000 Wcoins after opening!

Startergifts: Lucky set, red Fenrir, small Wings, Exc weapon +Exc DMG

Exp: X1000, Master: x1000, Majestic: x1000
Reset: 400lvl Ingame, Rewards 20 Wcoins, 20GP, 2000 RUUD, Stats Stays

Max stats: 32000
Chaos Machine: 100%
Balanced PVP & PVE

Server opening gifts:
/startergift (lucky set lvl1)
/panda (Brown panda ring +Panda pet 3days)
/fenrir (Get red fenrir)
/potion (get potions from anywhere ingame free)
/reset1 (Random 2lvl wings box, needs 1reset)

Custom reset buffs, play to win to get stronger!
0-10 Resets 100% Exp Reward 20Wc20Gp2000Ruud
11-50 Resets 90% Exp: Pluss 5%DMG/DEF/HP 20Wc20Gp2000Ruud
51-100 Resets 80% Exp: Pluss 10%DMG/DEF/HP 20Wc20Gp2000Ruud
101-150 Resets 70% Exp: Pluss 15%DMG/DEF/HP 40Wc40Gp4000Ruud
151-200 Resets 60% Exp: Pluss 20%DMG/DEF/HP 40Wc40Gp4000Ruud
201-300 Resets 50% Exp: Pluss 25%DMG/DEF/HP 40Wc40Gp4000Ruud
301-400 Resets 40% Exp: Pluss 30%DMG/DEF/HP 40Wc40Gp4000Ruud
401-500 Resets 30% Exp: Pluss 35%DMG/DEF/HP 40Wc40Gp4000Ruud
501-600 Resets 20% Exp: Pluss 40%DMG/DEF/HP 50Wc50Gp5000Ruud
601-700 Resets 10% Exp: Pluss 45%DMG/DEF/HP 50Wc50Gp5000Ruud
701-800 Resets 1% Exp: Pluss 50%DMG/DEF/HP  100Wc100Gp10000Ruud

No PVP maps: Arena, Dungeon, Tarkan, Aida, Karutan1, Old Kethotot, All Deep Dungeons

Everyday Ice Wind Event: 5000 Wc For Guild Master winner

Chaos machine item level up: for all items 0 till +15 and errtels/pentas level up success rate 100%
Each Class has its own NPC with all skills (ruud skills included) with sets

Hunt Elites to get RUUD and Wcoins.
Hunt mini-bosses to get crafting materials.
Hunt TOP bosses to get Manticore and Brilliant items.

NEW HOT: Socket items has 3Custom Excellent Options activate if they are +15 and have 5 sockets (can be empty)

HDID limit: 10 accounts can be played from one PC at a time.

Useful commands
Chat: /post (Only show sub server you are) /gpost (Shows on all servers)
Make your character with best build, decrease stats for free: /decstr, /decagi, /decvit, /decene, /deccmd
OffLevel: /offlevel (12Hours time limit, DC if killed ingame)




Published by Admin 03/06/2022